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Shandy – my wise and loving cat friend

11 March 2012

Our cat Shandy is a largish furry boy, with lots of white on him, and brownish patches. It is an interesting story how he came to be with us. It was New Year’s Eve 2000 (the 31st December 1999) when we were returning to our house and my partner saw a little kitten’s face peeking above some rocks on our front lawn. Shandy is a beautiful cat, and soon found a home with us. We knew he was abandoned because some months later, much to our surprise we saw an adult cat that looked just like Shandy visiting us. It was Shandy’s mum checking him out, to see if he was okay, I guess. I asked my partner what should we call our new cat friend and he replied, “How about Shandy, seeing as he is shandy colours” (beer and lemonade). Shandy likes his name, I am sure. When he was about 2 months old, I was standing next to Shandy and looking at him, and he gave me the most beautiful, awesone smile of unconditional love, that I have ever received!

Shandy cat is a real character. Today he is 12 years old but still likes to do roly-polys and act like a kitten, and he sure loves his food! Here are some more pictures of him in reverse date order.


Here he is a few years ago with his fur clipped. We had to take him to the Vet to be clipped because he won’t let us clip him. It was better for him in the hot weather anyway. Look at those jewell like eyes!

This one above is my very favourite photo of Shandy. I snapped it off him as he lay there, giving healing energy.

Here he is earlier, reading “Guns, Germs and Steel – the Fates of Human Societies” by Jared Diamond. His review of the book was that he told me it isn’t hard to know how to live well, and it doesn’t include guns.

spot the real cat

Last but not least in this Introduction to Shandy, here is a photo of him when he was just a few years old with some friends – stuffed friends that is!

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24  February 2016  – 

24 / 02 / 2016   2.34 pm

Rest In Peace our Beautiful Boy

Shandy passed away.

Here   is my Tribute to him.

14 thoughts on “Shandy

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  1. hi! What a lovely cat! So cute! Cheers!

  2. G’day Lijun, yes, he is a beautiful sweet cat, and the best of all is that he always smiles at me whenever I pat him, and sometimes his smiling face lights up the room, it is that awesome and loving. Thank you for your comment

  3. Nice cat. I have a pet dog. Soon I might post some pics of him on my blog.

  4. Star Wise on said:

    Thanks Johno, I would love to see pics of your dog on your blog!

  5. I like your beautiful Shandy cat with the warm green eyes.

  6. 9/14/12 Happy Birthday! I found your site tonight, and I just love it because I am an avid animal lover too. I’ll follow you to see and learn more – thanks!

  7. Thank you Stellar, and welcome to the Blog. I’m always glad to meet another animal lover. I hope you find the content here interesting and enjoyable to read. Thanks for Following this blog. I will have a look at your blog!

  8. Hi Star Wise,
    Debb (Stellarstanton) here again. I was wondering who the cute little guy with the red bandana is? Is he a black-and-tan hunting dog? Wish I could hold him!

  9. Hi Debb, he is from the Daily Puppy website! He is an adorable mixed breed, and I too think that he is super cute & wish I had him to hug and play with. Here is a link to a page about him. Regards, Celine

  10. my cat looks just like Shandy! they must be distant relatives 🙂

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