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Paws for Thought Messages

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This Page is where the Pass Along messages will be shared, starting with thoughts about my wonderful cat friend   Shandy, whom I miss very much, but we will always be together in Spirit.   I will start the Paws for Thought sharing what my beautiful friend Shandy Taught me.

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the “Paws for Thought” Pass Along Cards.

What our Animal Friends

Teach Us

Shandy  001

Celine,   Huntingdale, Western Australia .  My cat friend Shandy  has taught me

  • You can be happy with simplicity
  • Smile a lot at the person or Being that you Love
  • Enjoy Life while you can
  • It is important / essential in life to care for and look after another sentient (living) being.
  • Each being knows what he or she needs and is entitled to it and should go for it intuitively.
  • Cats can smile.  They have feelings and emotions. 
  • Every person is responsible for his or her own decisions, as is every cat.


Mary,   Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.  USA

My dog Phoebe has taught me –

  • Know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it.
  • Love your life right here and now.
  • Be yourself, always!


Shandy  002

Therese,   Western Australia. 


Softy  Cat  taught me

1. That I am blessed because Softy gave me love and happiness

2. To try and be a better person

3. There is more to life than the ‘ordinary’


Shandy  003

Breezespeaks,   Shelton,  Connecticut   USA

Polly Jingles Cat’s    messages are:

  • Show your love.
  • Be demonstrative.
  • Nothing lasts forever.
  • Open your heart to those in need.
  • Be open to adoption (Our lives changed when Polly adopted us.)


Shandy  005

Ivan,   York, England.   My cat friend Caspian.

Caspy  is a male rescue cat who is almost 5 years old. He has taught me-

  • Cats can sense when people are upset or even ill.
  • That getting outdoors is good for your mind and body.
  • And that you should not judge someone till you really know them.


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