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Your Power Animal for 2018

tiger avatar

Credit: Native American Power Animals

Yes!  It’s that time of the Year.

Go to Carrie Hart’s “Enchanted Forest” website –  HERE

Calm yourself and see yourself bathed in white light then click on the link titled “Enchanted Forest” and ask to receive your Power Animal for 2018.

Mine is  the  Wolf   –  read about the Wolf Animal Guide  HERE

To read about Power Animals and other spiritual animal allies, go to the Posts made in this Blog under the Category “Power Animal”.   Link below.



May the Animal Kingdom Be With You Always


Animal Totems – Animal Guides – Animal Spirits

3 February 2013.  Please also see this post  here  which I have just added about finding your Animal Totems.

My inner animal totem is the Buffalo. In 2009 I participated in a workshop on Animal Telepathic Communication and went in a wonderful Medicine Wheel ceremony where I lay on the ground in one quadrant of the medicine wheel with people drumming and dancing around the wheel and the “shaman” chanting in the circle.   I felt a big crowd of animals all gather around me to say “hello” and I saw a group of buffalo and I put my consciousness into one of the buffalo and felt what it was like to run wild and free as a Buffalo.  The Buffalo symbol is often the inner symbol of people whom find all Life as sacred.

Animal Totems or Power animals are spirit guides in animal form. They are allies who can help steer us through life’s challenges and obstacles, if we recognise their existence and let their gentle subtle guidance steer or inspire us. In the traditional Native American Indian system, there are animal spirit guides in 9 directions around and below and above you. These nine animal spirits are with you throughout your entire incarnation / Life-time.
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