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Help Shady


Shady is a 6 year old kitty whom is in need of urgent Veterinary help.  If he does not have surgery soon, he will probably die. However, surgery CAN help Shady.  His “owners” have already spent a fortune on a first operation to save his Life but all that is standing in the way now of operating in order to fix Shady so he can resume a normal life, is the green stuff.


If you can DONATE a dollar or five dollars or whatever amount you can, or know someone who can, please do so now by clicking on the Link above.  Seriously, is there even one person out there who is reading this, and will HELP where it counts ??

Shady’s “owners” have already taken out Loans so there’s no need to tell them to get some credit or Loans.  If you have hundreds of dollars or a thousand that is surplus, consider dontaing it to saving an innocent life.  Yes you can donate it to another cause, but if you really feel COMPELLED to help save this sweet little SIX YEAR old cat ( not very old ) …… your doing so  NOW  will be so very much appreciated by beautiful Shady !



Cat-Man Do Furs-Day No. 5 – War of the Catzz


a new column by Shandy cat

Cats fight because it is in their nature to defend their territory, even if they do get spoiled by their human companions and fed rather than having to catch their own food.  The fact is that cats, domesticated or wild, are territorial.  I wanted to write about my “Wars” before but Mum said that it was not a nice subject to write about.  However, she has now relented with the last war of the catzz that I have been in.  As I have been so tired lately, Mum suggested that she paste into this Column an advice she wrote to one of her good friends about it. Here is an abridged version below.

One of the pictures in the rotating banner on this website is of me.  I am the cute and beautiful “shandy” coloured cat asleep.  I am glad that Mum & Dad took me in when I was abandoned at 4 weeks old on New Year’s Eve 2000.   See   THIS   post for more photos of me, if you like, and don’t forget to contact Mum if you would like your beloved animal companion featured on this Site too !!
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Munro – Staffordshire puppy learns to walk

Bondi Vet – Series 4 – Episode 16

A Staffordshire bull terrier puppy has a disorder, Swimmer’s Syndrome, so the Bondi Junction Vet, Dr Chris Brown, gets creative and makes a customised jacket for her to help her breathe, and she has Aquarobics in her owner’s pool to strengthen her legs.  After 3 weeks, she is better, thanks to Bondi Vet (New South Wales, Australia).  She learns to walk for the first time.   What a sweeeeet puppy.  When I saw her , my heart just melted.   I am so glad Munro’s owner got help for her!!   I love Munro, she is beautiful in temperament, spirit and appearance.  You have to watch the whole video to look at the whole of Munro’s story, or at least fast forward past the “cat and the snake” story to Munro’s therapy.  

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