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Tortoise versus Turtle

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a Tortoise and a Turtle is?  The answer can be found on the page linked below.


You can find the difference between the Hare and the Rabbit and other similar looking animals on the site above also.   Below is a list with comparisons you might like to look up, with direct links.   I will probably add to the list over time, so come back to this page for updates.

Alligator versus Crocodile

I will be adding other information about differences between similar animals on this page, which I cannot find on the website linked above.

What is the Difference Between ——–  ??

Leatherback Turtles  and  Loggerhead Turtles 

The answer can be found –  here.

“Cold-blooded” Animals  and   “Warm-blooded” Animals

The answer can be found here

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