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Conversation with Animals

Call me crazy, but I talk to animals every day. I whistle and call out to the chattering birds in my garden and they whistle back to me.

I talk to my turtle, and he responds with his “turtle dance”.

If I’m out somewhere and see a dog on a lead to a human, I ask first of course, and give the dog a pat and talk a little more, which they always seem to love.

In the bush, I talk to any bird or reptile or animal I see, and sometimes they approach me and “talk” back.

Am I nuts? Possibly.

I know it gives me great joy and I’m not going to stop doing it …

Kim Jennings

While everyone gets nervous about the magpie breeding season ill be left alone cause I warble at em everytime I see em, n they remember me which gives me concession to walk without fear through their territories come spring.

Yagai Githabul


Yes, you CAN talk to the Animals! 

Guess what ?

We, human beings are Animals.  We are the species Homo sapiens, and we can talk to each other, can’t we.

Communication is done in many ways, not just by opening one’s mouth with sound coming out.  We usually agree upon “body language”, why not telepathic communication?

Consider this – sometimes you know something which is not spoken.  You may call this intuition.  Well, that is what is needed to talk to the Animals.  Use your hunches or intuition or inner motivation to talk to the animals in their language, with intent, or to tune into them mentally while in a relaxed happy & receptive state, so you can convey and pick up images or mental concepts from them.

Be open to those who talk to the animals, and learn from them.  Read the Page on this Blog titled “Talk to the Animals” and see how you go, talking to your cat or dog or horse friend, or even to your Gold-fish.  Animal communication is not just about rapport with animals or liking animals, but is about two way respect and  a genuine connection.

Why would you talk to an animal?  Well, to explain things like going to the Vet or to get information, like information about their health problems or worries.  What about to find a lost animal?  Imagine if you could help with that.  I would kiss you, or at least hug you if you could help someone find their beloved companion, even if the friend has gone (or crossed over the rainbow bridge), to help with closure.

Animal Communication can go beyond picking up your animal friend’s feelings.  There are well established Animal Communicators around the world that can help you talk to your friend, and some amazing mind-blowing stories of animal communication.

Please see the Links below.

The Unhappy Race Horse




Last, but not Least, if you ever meet someone whom doesn’t like Animals AND doesn’t like Children

Run Away .. fast and far away

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